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“You’re my buddy, my pal, my friend,

It will be that way until the end,

And wherever you go,

I want you to know,

You're my buddy, my pal, my friend.”


Willie Nelson


Hi, I am Cathy Petera.  My husband Mike and I live in Wheatland, Wyoming.

My first Berner was a birthday present from Mike when he told me I could have whatever I wanted for my birthday.  That’s when Durango came into our lives.

Durango came home with us in February 2011, and I knew after a few short months I wanted to have more Berners.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very loving, very smart, loyal, affectionate, and very good with children.

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From time to time, Durango visits our local Nursing Home.

He is very gentle with the residents and is well loved by them.  Here is a poem written by one of the residents:



What a lovely, wonderful dog he is.

He’s just as sweet as honey.

He’s almost as big as a horse,

Well, at least a Shetland pony.

When he looks at you, he looks with love,

With a cheerful wag of his tail,

You know he’s sent from God above,

And he’s faithful without fail.


Durango dear, you good sweet dog,

I’m very proud to know you,

And have the chance to show you,

That in the world of folks and dogs,

You are the very best.

You stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Thanks for being part of my world,




Written by:  June D.

Nursing Home Resident

Summer, 2017

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